Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Double O Dora By Toby

Storm, rain, lightning, thunder, and red boots.
This is my story.

My name is Dora the Explorer, and I am a secret agent working for Playhouse Disney Spying Organization, working towards the defeat of the most elusive and dangerous criminal alive today.


My assistant, Boots is a field agent currently working in North Korea checcking for illegal communist activity.

We located Swiper in downtown Tokyo last night dealing arms, our agency is working closely with the Tokyo police at CCTV camera footage of the dirty criminal.

 The boss came into our suveillance camera room.

"I hear you're looking for Swiper"

"What's it to you" I said.

"I've made posters" He said

"Thats helpful" I mutter under my breath.

Fav Animal

                                      Dogs are the best because they stick 
        with you and they can be guide dogs. Some dogs are fluffy
and some don't have much hair. Dogs are really cute to me but to you they might not. There normally lots of fun. Most dogs love to play like my grandmas dog he's 13 and still plays like a puppy.
My favourite type of dog is the Shar pei they are soo cute.
I think dogs are the best and will always be.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


the gray sky was fogged with thick smoke, I was struggling to breathe.Nothing but waste surrounded me, no life in sight not one living tree. The dry 

Monday, December 8, 2014


I was only eleven when it happened my life was wonderful just me and my mum but it all changed.The land died around me, grass disapeared,trees were cut down,and the sky turned grey and never turned blue again. It always rained the rain drops were like tears,they fell because they the sky was sad and felt and it felt sorrow.The land's joy was long forgotten. Hate had blinded people,  temptation for riches was hard to resist and because of it we all had to pay a price.My price was my family the greed for money had gone to far they had robbed me of my happiness, I HAD NOTHING. I shattered into a million pieces at the sound of my mothers name when the man had told me she was gone the memory still haunts me to this day.  that night I stared into the flames of the burning fire and as I watched, the wood melted into ash  just
like my heart and something inside me snapped and from then on I was determined to find the person who'd taken my mother from me I would not rest until I found them... 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

\][ <>?}{|!@#$%^&*()<>?{}| error code 1111000999

One day there was a boy…..a very lonely boy……he was locked up in a dungeon. There was a lot of …..mud, so he had an idea to make a friend. He designed what he could with the copper and mud and gourds….. He made it two legs and a tail and four arms and a head of course……. and then he said some words he learnt from his dad. But he didn't know what the spell meant so he said the words. He said ?/><}|P|][\][\][!@#$%^&*()_+_++_)(*&^%$ error code 1111000999.
And so <>?/ the #%%&^ golem he called <>>?}|}|{|!@#$%^&*()_+ error un able to read word.
But then the golem stood up. and said <>?:"{}|~!@#$%^&*()_+ error word can not be read.

Robot war part 1

In the year 5567 a robot war came to the planet Earth. Robots were everywhere. Most humans became cyborgs and the survivors were killed by the exterminator or forced to become cyborgs.
One night robot Id 118 was destroying towns. Humans needed weapons to fight back so they created their own robots from id 1 to 128. Many famous robots were like id 45 and their own created robot Id 118. Earth fighting against the sun about to doom the universe forever.
Sun bots were destroying moons and space wraiths were destroying planets. Planets were being destroyed. Only a few planets survived. Still it was 100 days into the end of the universe.
Many robots were being made and getting destroyed by sun bots. 
To be continued........


the first lantern is the blue lantern.
It is powered by hope and is peaceful lantern.
It is a fallen lantern.(a fallen lantern is a dead lantern that died out thousand and millions of years.

The next lantern is black lantern.
It is powered by DEATH.
They are zombies and kill anyone in there site.
They were first featured in blackest night 1.

The next lantern is the green lantern it is powered by will.
There is 3600 green lanterns one for every sector.
It was founded 3 billions years ago.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Old Medieval Palace

The old medieval palace stood where battles were won and lost,
its tall devilish turrets all crumbly and mossy just like the wooden drawbridge.
The watery moat with skeletons afloat is left without a stir.
By Holly

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The House On Furgus Rd (Part 1) Enjoy!

I stared at the house. It stared back at me. It stood there still and silent except from the sound of the blinds clickity-clacking on the window. There was something intriguing about that house, something extraordinary. Though, my mind tells me to go home and forget about that house my instincts told me to go and find out what that extraordinary thing about the house is. First step, second step, third step, I am outside the house my hands are shaking as I reached for the door knob. As though it was expecting me, the door creaked open. I gingerly stepped through the hall way, it was then when I heard a scream followed by the sound of an evil laugh. Terrified, I tried back away but found that my feet would not move backwards but only forwards. I crept on expecting something to happen any mooo..... AAAAAAAAAA!
There was that scream again. This time it was louder and more terrifying.
I went on and found a girl about 6 years older than me in a corner head in hands sobbing. 
I crept towards her but I missed a loose plank and tripped, she looked up. "Please help me" She said between tears. She looked at me hopefully. Her eyes red from crying. I couldn't turn her down.  So I agreed.
She began to tell me what was wrong:
"I lived here since I was 6. I kept on seeing these things. I saw them everywhere. They tried to pull me away before. They sensed someone was here, so they went away. But they will still try to capture me no matter what.Thank you for coming. Thank you for helping me. I am overwhelmed that you are here." 

To Be Continued.....

the meteore army part 1

One day there was a boy named Hoth. He was in the garden lying around. He was bored. But then a meteor fell on the beach of course. He lived next to the beach so he ran to his mum and said "Can I go to the beach?"  "Yes why though?" "No reason." Hoth never liked the beach so his mother knew there was something wrong. So Hoth ran to his room got his baseball bat, some safety glasses, some iron plates from the garage and for a shield a hockey mask. And his hiking boots and gloves. "I'm ready" he said.

Sentence of the day

Stephanie dribbled the ball around her opponents before…….
 improved sentence
Stephanie dribbled the ball around her opponents before the time was up.
                                               By Cassie                            

Monday, November 10, 2014

big boys toys.

On Saturday I went to big boys toys.
First we went to the driven hall, we saw lots of cars and jet skis and motorbikes. My favourite car was the Mclaren p1. There were many cars there, there were big, small, flash, fast and slow.
It was busy. Then we got doughnuts and then we watched the stunts in the action arena with my donuts that I ate quickly. Then we went to electronic hall and looked at some stuff there. Then went back to the driven hall and got a signature from the stunt guy. Then we looked at more cars and I queued up to get Scott Dixons signature and then I got a signature and a photo. Then we went to hall 6 and looked in there.
After that we left and went back home.
By Alex.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sentence of the Day.

Original Sentence: The flowers smell went across the room.
Improved Sentence: The  powerful flower dazzling fragrance danced across the dull living room, therefore giving it a summery vibe.

By Poppy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post-Apocalyptic Writing By Toby

Barren wastland lay flat around me as I stumble along the concrete path. I take a breath, radioactive mist fills my lungs.
Looking up, I realise green clouds have bruised the atmosphere so badly that there is no more sunlight anymore, the only light eminates from the toxic clouds above me.
I look for any sign of life, but the sand and tumbleweeds reveal that I am alone. I just hope that someone, something, is out there.
A strong wind stabs me in the back, and then something else does, but this time it isn't the wind.

Barren grounds

The dessert was lonely, its winds pillaged the sands slamming trash against it as if it were a bad performer. The odd towers cast their height into the restless skies and sent their shadows along the furious barren sands . The land had been exhausted then left to its helpless death, since then the sky and the sands had whispered to each other planning a revolution.Until one day when they stopped and launched their revenge.